Whether you are looking for privacy, security or just aesthetics, Dothan Awning can provide the right fence for you. We have a wide variety of fencing styles and materials to choose from, in an array of colors. Fences can also add to the value of your property. Our wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl and composite fences are constructed of high-quality materials and are installed to withstand the harshness of nature while providing privacy, security, and safety for children and pets. If you have an area of safety concern such as steps or drop-offs, Dothan Awning can design the perfect railing system to provide safety where needed. Our railings are available in a variety of materials and styles, and are custom built for your specific area. 

  • Provide safety for children and pets
  • Provide security for home or business
  • Shield your property from noisy streets
  • Available in a variety of materials, styles and colors

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