Add privacy and protection to your outdoor pool space with a screened pool enclosure from Dothan Awning. Our pool enclosures are a wise investment in extending the enjoyment and time spent in your pool. Our enclosures provide not only privacy for you and your guests, but your swimming pool will remain cooler in the summer. A screened pool enclosure will also reduce the cost of maintaining your swimming pool by acting as a barrier against annoying pests (like frogs and snakes!) and blowing debris.

Dothan Awning pool enclosures are build to last. Where others use cheaper and less effective rod and turnbuckle lateral bracing, Dothan Awning uses stronger and more attractive metal ‘K’ bracing. This alternative provides greater lateral strength, more attractive appearance, and best of all, no required regular adjustments.

  • Reduce the cost of pool maintenance
  • Provide privacy for you and your guests
  • Create a safety barrier against unauthorized guests
  • Keep out annoying insects, animals, and debris
  • Provide protection against the sun
  • Expand your living spaces
  • Available in white and bronze

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